Our main products

Our main target areas are Stocks, Commodities, Property and Fixed Income sectors, giving us a broad range of high-yield investment opportunities for our client’s.

All of the opportunities we introduce are either secured or asset-backed, and in some instances, both. This is an important factor for our clients as it underpins the security behind the investment itself.

We believe a key factor in our continued growth and success is our commitment to placing the client at the heart of everything we do. Using an initial in-depth client profiling tool and with continuous reviews, we ensure that the services and products our clients are offered are directly aligned and attuned to their own objectives and requirements.

Want to learn about our current opportunities?

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We work with a broad range of common and sought-after commodities. Commodity Trading and Asset Backed investment opportunities.


We have access to Private Placement Programs. Funds are insured (AAA rated Insurance) Entry Level $1,000,000.00 strictly for Professional Investors Only. Exceptional returns (10 – 15% PM)

Fixed income bonds

We have access to several fixed income bonds 1- 2-year Term paying up to 15% per annum. Full Information and Due Diligence is available for HNW and Sophisticated Investors only.